Shower Mist Spray “Eucalyptus Mint”

Shower Mist Spray “Eucalyptus Mint”

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Recently I visited a spa in Hot Springs Arkansas and purchased a bottle of eucalyptus shower spray.  Instantly I was in love!  When I used the last of the spray I decided to make my own version, and it turned out awesome! 

I use the spray in my shower almost every morning!  

If you are suffering with a headache, stuffy nose or just need a little something to wake you up in the morning, try this spray!  Spray mist high into your showers nice and hot steam.  The infused mist fills the shower with the awesome fragrance of eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus clears the head and clears the nose for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.  

Feeling crummy 🤧 🤒 🤕 .  Run a basin of hot steaming water, spray the mist onto the water.  Take a towel cover your head and breathe the eucalyptus steam.  Awwwwww 

Pure Eucalyptus & Peppermint distillate,  witch hazel 

2 Oz.