My Story

June 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  The diagnosis was devastating to say the least. 

Luckily I was blessed with a world class medical team, supportive husband, family, friends, co-workers and the best company to work for who did their very best to get me through this difficult time in my life.

Within weeks of my diagnosis I had a plan of action.  I would have a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.

The mastectomy surgery was incredibly tough...pain, emotional trauma and learning how to live with the new me, scars and all.

During my healing process I started to look for home remedies and DIY products to minimize the look of my scars. 

This lead to a new hobby as a do it yourself kinda girl :).  I also appreciated knowing each and every ingredient that went into what I was using. 

What I eventually came up with after a lot of trial and error was considerably better than what I could find commercially made.

I have healed nicely with minimal scarring. 

My cancer was estrogen positive so shortly after my first surgery I was prescribed an estrogen blocking drug implant that was injected under the skin once a month.  I was also prescribed an estrogen blocking pill that I take daily and will for 10 years. These medications are keeping me cancer free but immediately threw me into menopause.  Shewwww I can’t even describe what that was like.

This wreaked havoc on my skin, nails and hair.  So... just like I had searched for recipes of things to help my healing process I went to work finding recipes of products I could make myself for the new problems I was now experiencing.  

Once again I found DIY recipes that make a much better product than what I would find in the department stores. And also better for me! 

I started sharing my products with my friends, which eventually turned into a small hobby/business.  And now I’m branching out with a website.  

If you make a purchase THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy!

Also as a closing note....Screening saves lives, if you have not had your mammogram please schedule one today.  This simple test saved my life!  And look at me now... I’m thriving and have a hobby that makes me happy!  



Forever thankful for your talents and commitment to your patients !

 Dr. Larrinaga Ross Breast Center Christus Trinity Mother Frances

 Dr. Vukelja Texas Oncology

 Dr. O‘Halloran  Christus Trinity Mother Frances Cosmetic Surgery 

 Dr. Beall Christus Trinity Mother Frances Surgery